With its head office in India and facilities worldwide in all the major ship building regions, Scanord Marine is a recognised and trusted brand in the maritime industry, known for its market leading tank level monitoring, cleaning, venting, gauging and control solutions.

Scanord is a leading global supplier of intelligent tank level monitoring systems and tank level gauging systems, providing an intelligent tank management system for marine and offshore applications.

The ITAMA intelligent tank management system comprises automatic tank monitoring alarm and control, remote valve and pump control, fixed and portable tank cleaning, P/V valves, gas-freeing equipment, inert gas system, oil-discharge monitor and vapor emission control. All cargo tank equipment manufactured by Scanord is designed to create significant benefits to shipyards and shipowners alike, by taking advantage of the synergies between the various products within the ITAMA concept.

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Tank Cleaning

A full range of fixed and portable cargo tank cleaning equipment and gas freeing fans, which are suitable for any marine and offshore applications.

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Tank Management

We offers the advanced Surveyor multi-purpose tank measurement and tank monitoring system for managing tank level measurement and delivering information to the ship’s automatic systems.

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Our UPS SMU-SERIES are designed for marine & offshore applications including general service, navigation system, computer system and emergency lighting.

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Vessel Security

A high capacity Anti-pirate water cannon for boarding denial. The fixed installed or removable, self operating, multi nozzle machine is driven by the water flow.

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New Build

Scanjet offers tank management solutions for new build, providing clients with equipment fit for purpose and incorporating the most modern and efficient tank cleaning technology available.



For any marine and offshore application, Scanjet offers a full range of tank management equipment to retrofit any existing ship, regardless of size and type.


Product Sales

With over 50 years’ experience, Scanjet provides a range of highly efficient and environmentally friendly tank management equipment designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance.



Scanjet has a skilled and efficient network of sales and service representatives around the world. Service kits are readily available and easy to order. Spare parts are produced in our own Scanjet factories and are available within 24 hours.